The Legacy of the Tretyakov Gallery

French brand Bernardaud presents the final part of the «Legacy of the Tretyakov Gallery» collection, created especially for Russia with the participation of the main museum in the country. This time the service is decorated with the works of Boris Kustodiev.

The French brand Bernardaud, at the initiative of Mercury, has created several porcelain tea sets specially for Russia, decorated with works by the greatest Russian artists. We have been following their release since 2020 — first there was a series with works by Ivan Shishkin, last year — with paintings by the marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky. Finally, the final collection is dedicated to the work of Boris Kustodiev and, of course, Russian winter.

A distinctive feature of Kustodiev’s works is decorative, deliberate brightness with unexpected color combinations. The artist loved depicting the Russian fair, so the curators of the Tretyakov Gallery together with the Mercury Company and Bernardaud craftsmen have selected paintings of winter celebrations, reflecting the quintessence of his work.

The first painting, Walking (1922), is an ideal picture of a happy life. At that time, the artist was confined to a wheelchair and could not paint from life, so the panorama of mass festivities is his dream. The artist admires the sun on the walls of houses and the shadows in the snow. He shows life as it can be when it’s hitting its stride.

The second painting — «Pancake week» (1922) — created in the same year as the first canvas, so they are similar in feeling. Kustodiev depicts a panorama of the city, where against the backdrop of snow-covered hills rise ancient churches, sledges peek out from behind drifts, bells on harnesses ring — everything breathes with joy and cheerfulness.The paintings are applied to the tea set of two pairs, complete with the certificate of authenticity. The series is a limited edition of 100 copies.