Erotic Ceramics by Carla Sutra

The Parisian artist creates plates and tile collections with bright frivolous designs.

Born in Catalonia, the artist and ceramist Carla Sutra has always been inspired by the rich colors of Mediterranean nature and the legacy of famous modernist artists. Her sensuous drawings with concise but expressive silhouettes and deep colors are influenced by Picasso and Miró.

The main theme of Sutra’s work is human relationships. Nude figures in her works are depicted schematically, but charged with eroticism and epicurean joy. The artist playfully complements her sketches with intertwined bodies with naive images of flowers, fruits and vegetables that resemble multicolored Provençal ceramics.

Sutra’s favorite material is ceramics, from which she makes painted tableware and decorative tiles based on Portuguese azulejo tiles. Many collections were created by the artist specifically for specific interior projects. For example, she designed a series of monochrome tableware for the Bistro Caché in Paris, designed tables for the Hotel Beaune, and made not only plates for the new Choco restaurant, but also spectacular tile panels.